Q-Light therapy

Combining cryotherapy and light therapy to promote active ingredients penetration.

1. Cryotherapy
Based on rapidly lowering skin temperature and then immediately transferring the cold to the deep layers of the skin.
3 main actions
- Controlled analgesia: the rapid inhibition of nerve conduction enables deep massage without client discomfort.
- Dermocryophoresis: the thermal regulation of the dermis leads to a rapid succession of vasoconstriction and vasodilation in the microcirculation, generating a pumping effect. This controlled vasomotricity enables the active ingredients applied to the skin to be distributed with remarkable effectiveness.
- Skin oxygenation: the activation of the cutaneous microcirculation promotes better cellular oxygenation, thereby optimising their metabolism.

2. Light Therapy with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.
Simultaneous use of 4 different colours : blue, green, yellow and red which have differential skin penetration and action. Blue light has the most superficial action and red light has the deepest action.
- Blue LED have a direct effect on Propionibacterium Acnes, the microbe involved in acne lesions.
- Green LED acts on the superficial pigment to improve pigment distribution and evens out the appearance of spots.
- Yellow LED improves the wound healing process. It reduces the post-operative effects of laser treatment.
- Red LED increases the ability of fibroblasts to produce more collagen so that the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines and deeper wrinkles can be improved.

Q-light therapy image

Q-Light therapy

Terapi ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan tubuh dalam proses penyembuhan alami. Proses penyembuhan luka dan penyakit tidak dipengaruhi secara langsung oleh terapi ini, namun kemampuan regenerasi tubuh dan imunitas diperkuat untuk memperbaiki jaringan-jaringan yang rusak.
Tujuan terapi:
1. Perawatan kulit dan penyembuhan luka.
2. Perawatan jerawat.
3. Perawatan anti aging
4. Meredakan nyeri

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