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Titi Kusrini

Job Title : Media Consultant
Age : 43

I became acquainted with the Holistic Centre in 2005 (now Sonya Natural Holistic Centre - SNHC). At that time, this Beauty and Health Clinic is newly opened branches in Jakarta, in the Dharmawangsa, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Before that, they open in Semarang .

I was working as an editor at a daily lifestyle in Jakarta at that time. One day, my boss approached my table and said : "Titi, I had a friend, acupuncturist who could be used as a resource in the coverage of acupuncture. She can certainly help you too."

Well, I was surprised and curious to heard the statement suddenly. Yes, I was very fat at that moment. Okay, it certainly be used for writing, because acupuncture would be a magnet in our health section. But can she help me ?

titi kusrini before and after acupuncture for slimming treatment in 2005

Well, that's the question that brought me to the room of acupuncturist graduated from St.Petersburg, America. Her clinics with home atmosphere, quiet and pleasant, in the Dharmawangsa.

The interview took place smoothly. Sonya Go, founder and owner of Holistic Centre is pleased to share knowledge. She recalled the beginning of his interest to explore the field of acupuncture, an ancient fitness recipe from China. Just like what my boss said at the office, a beautiful woman whose body weight had not changed since high school, always look fit and active, is also offering assistance when discussing my body weight that exceeding ideal weight.

With height at 159 cm, my weight is 69.9 kg. Ideally around 49-50 kg. At that time I expressed disbelief with slimming program. My work is relatively irregular, especially for business meals. A Journalist tend to eat at random, rapid, uncertain time, often forget excessively, returning home late at night, take whatever served on the table, then sleep with a full stomach.

That reason it rejected and she challenged me, "certainly you can !" said doctor Sonya.

I was made ​​curious again. Finally, I started acupuncture treatment that day because it only took 20 minutes. Once finished, I excuse myself and prepare to go home. Doctor Sonya said, "Feel the effect, tonight you must be able to sleep soundly and wake up feeling more fit."

That message is not a hoax. I felt the effects mentioned. Therefore I come back again and continue packets for a month with 8 sessions.

In short, within 3.5 months, I almost reach the ideal body weight of 52 kg . Especially I was undergoing acupuncture for shapping treatment to form and toning the body. So, no exercise needed. As a result, no one thought that I was fat, because there is no wattle ! No one knows I managed to get rid up to 20 kg excess of weight !

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One important effect of my acupuncture treatments that makes me very happy was I able to get pregnant. Along with acupuncture treatment, my body's metabolism went back to normal.

I did not notice before and I forgot to tell from the beginning. However, after I sense health changes in my body, then I tell the story. Since teenagers, doctors did detect my hormone imbalance problem. It is causing irregular periods.

Along with the unstopable increase of my weight, I began menstruating irregularly. Even once stopped for two years. At that time I consult with gynecologist and scolded by the doctor. He ask me why I did not come to the doctor immediately, and he said this was premature menopause !

Oops... Doctors also give medicines which then made ​​me get menstruation. But if I get lazy to go to the doctor and not taking medication, menstruation stopped again. Finally I felt dependence on the drug.

titi kusrini before and after acupuncture for slimming treatment in 2013

When I undergo acupuncture treatment, I began to menstruating regularly without the help of medication. Until finally the doctor said : "If you want to have another child, you are fertile at this moment."

Sure enough, not long after, I got pregnant. A second child, seven years after my first son, whereas I did not wear contraceptives during that time.

Of course, this is a gift, because the second child is female. I just wanted to say, that acupuncture and herbal medicines of Sonya Natural Holistic Centre that I took did not make our uterus dry and prevent pregnancy. Instead, I get a double advantage : Slim and Pregnant again.

Indeed, my weight climbed back to the initial weight. But after giving birth and breastfeeding, my weight rapidly reduced.

However, about three years ago I was no longer pay attention to my weight. Slowly but sure my obesity creeping back. My current job requires me to do a lot of traveling out of the city. Local culinary certainly can not be avoided, I went back to old patterns and tend not to care.

However, after I actually raise SOS flag because my body feel heavy and uncomfortable. I heard Sonya Natural Holistic Centre moved to new address at Singamangaraja 11-A, Kebayoran Baru, South of Jakarta (Earlier at Fatmawati, the traffic jams areas make my legs reluctant to go back when I needed help. he .. he ..)

In April 2013, I returned to acupuncture treatment to relieve the weight that has reached 67,8 kg. My target was to lose 10 kg within two months. Now I've managed to lose 8 kg. Hopefully I can reach the ideal body weight. Let me move more agile and fit again. Amen.

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Disclaimer : Treatment results may vary depending on individual condition, which is influenced by many things. Therefore, intensive therapy in SNHC supervised by trained acupuncturist in order to form a healthy lifestyle during and after receiving treatment.