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Natalia G

Job Title : PRM
Age : 30

Natalia before and after slimming treatment - look fresh
Natalia before and after slimming treatment - side view

Gladly I want to share with all of you, members and prospective member of SNHC.

I am a mother with one son, happy to do sports activities such as sit-ups and swimming. Prenatal, my weight was 53 kg with height 162 cm. After giving birth in February 2013, my weight went up to 70 kg, overweight by 17 kg. I experienced discomfort and not confident with cellulite, stretch marks and also a lot of muscle tissue of the body becomes loose.

Two weeks postpartum, my weight dropped only 4 kg, after that I had difficulty in loosing weight. The scale needle stop at 66,2 kg. Feeding the baby make my appetite increased many-fold than usual, but not too much breast milk generated. Through diet program suggested and monitored by doctor Sonya Go, I ventured and entrust each process to the doctor, nurses and therapists in the clinic of Sonya Natural Holistic Centre.

My confidence in carrying out this program due to the clinics that has more than 22 years of experience, doctors who are experts in their field, focusing on inner and outer health and beauty, as well as doctor Sonya Go who look younger 15 years of age, healthy and energetic.

Undergoing treatment in Sonya Natural Holistic Centre makes me excited when I lose my weight as much as 8,4 kg for 2 months. Cellulite and stretch marks fade away. Other than that, I feel the body becomes healthy again. Breast milk flows smoothly and continue breastfeeding my son during diet. It does not affect his health, still active and gain normal weight corresponding to his growth.

With a three months target of POWER SLIM program that I run, my weight become 54 kg. For mothers who have difficulty in losing weight after childbirth and breastfeeding, I recommend to come to Sonya Natural Holistic Centre.

Total weight loss = 12,2 kg

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Disclaimer : Treatment results may vary depending on individual condition, which is influenced by many things. Therefore, intensive therapy in SNHC supervised by trained acupuncturist in order to form a healthy lifestyle during and after receiving treatment.