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Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana, SH., LL.M., Ph.D,

Job Title : Professor of International Law, Universitas Indonesia
Age : 47

prof Hikmahanto before and after weight loss treatment

I do acupuncture program at Sonya Natural Holistic Centre because I wanted to lose weight to an ideal level. Within a month with acupuncture, herbal and diet I managed to lose weight up to 10 Kg.

During this therapy I did not feel tired, weak or dizzy. I even still be able to perform cardio exercise, so that when losing weight, I do not look wilted. Quality of service in Sonya Clinic Natural Holistic Centre is very excellent, ranging from professional doctors, nurses were attentive even receptionists and parking officers are very customer friendly.

I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight to try acupuncture treatment supervised by a professional doctor. In fact, I highly recommend for those aged over 40, who find it very difficult to lose weight, to come to Sonya Natural Holistic Centre.

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Disclaimer : Treatment results may vary depending on individual condition, which is influenced by many things. Therefore, intensive therapy in SNHC supervised by trained acupuncturist in order to form a healthy lifestyle during and after receiving treatment.