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Ayu Rahmatini Lukitasari

Job Title : Student
Age : 22

before after 12 weeks facial Ayu

After several times changed the treatment to cure acne on my face, I never feel satisfied with the treatment given by previous doctors.

The main problem is almost the same. Treatment mostly using cream. Those creams will cause "addictive" effect. That is, my face will restore as usual if I stop using them, in my case acne and oily.

In Sonya Natural Holistic Centre, I was given excellent and classy treatment, of course, followed with satisfactory results. The steps described clearly with good care, so that I understand how to maintain a good diet to keep acne from appearing again after the treatment.

The point is the treatment done either from within or from outside, so after the treatment the result will be maximum. My acne is gone and I do not depend on any cream to maintain healthy skin that I have now.

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Disclaimer : Treatment results may vary depending on individual condition, which is influenced by many things. Therefore, intensive therapy in SNHC supervised by trained acupuncturist in order to form a healthy lifestyle during and after receiving treatment.