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Brief History of Holistic Centre

Sonya Natural Holistic Centre ( SNHC ) is a health care, beauty and slimming center who has more than 23 years of experience, using acupuncture therapy combined with modern tech tools. Established in Jl . Cipto No. 226 Semarang, Central Java with the name of Holistic Centre in 1992 by the founder, Sonya Go. Then in 2005, Holistic Centre expand it's business services, followed by moving the main office to Jakarta.

Sonya Natural Holistic Centre - Today

In 2009, to provide better services to meet your personal needs, along with the development of technology in health, beauty and slimming, Holistic Centre renamed to Sonya Natural Holistic Centre ( SNHC ). SNHC present offers modern acupuncture therapy with the goal to help you cope with the various problems of health and beauty.


Our work is driven by a belief that there are beauty and weight balance in every healthy body.
Therefore, we specialized our services of Health, Beauty and Slimming to provide personal advice on how to achieve your ideal weight and establish new healthy lifestyle.

owner SNHC

I believe that there are beauty and weight balance in every healthy body.

Sonya Go, AP, CH,Dip Cib


Sonya Natural Holistic Centre offers a clean and comfortable environment.

front office SNHC

Front Office

waiting lounge at first floor

Waiting Lounge at 1st fl.

acupuncture treatment room

Acupuncture Treatment Area

waiting lounge at second floor

Waiting Lounge at 2nd fl.

facial treatment room

Facial Treatment Room

slimming treatment room

Slimming Treatment Room

Acupuncture Treatment at Sonya Natural Holistic Centre

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment method that originated from China and has been known since 4000 years ago. Works by inserting needles at points of the body to provide stimulation and effects such as :

- Coordinate and improve organ function
- Maintaining the balance between yin and yang in the body
- Open blockages in the meridians and collaterals so that the circulation of qi and blood flowing smoothly
- Boost the immune system to eliminate pathogenic factors of the disease

Acupuncture for beauty has evolved in accordance with the time. A healthy body will shine on the good outer appearance. The appearance of beauty supporting organs such as hair, skin, eyes, lips, etc. will be good as well when your body has enough nutrients.

SNHC offering acupuncture therapy to help overcome various beauty problems such as :

- Anti Aging
- Skin Rejuvenation
- Acne
- Sensitive Skin
- Breast Firming
- Slimming
- Body Shaping, etc.

Continually, we strive to provide the best service with friendly experts and professionals, strategic location, convenient treatment rooms as well as maintaining customer privacy.

Disclaimer : Treatment results may vary depending on individual condition, which is influenced by many things. Therefore, intensive therapy in SNHC supervised by trained acupuncturist in order to form a healthy lifestyle during and after receiving treatment.

Operating Hours

For your convenience, please make an appointments in advance to see our doctor.

SNHC Head Office

Jl.Kartika Utama PT37 No.58 Pondok pinang, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta

Monday and Saturday
OPEN 10:00 am > CLOSED 5:00 pm
Tuesday to Friday
OPEN 10:00 am > CLOSED 7:00 pm
Sunday and Public Holidays

SNHC Branch

Jl.Tole Iskandar 70, Depok

By appointment only


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    Head Beautician

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